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Rest as Resistance

A push back against ableism, turning the weary body from an engine for capitalism into a site for rest and repose.

Doze is a one-to-one installation for folks who are overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded. By disrupting the busiest of public spaces and inviting audiences to enter into a dreamscape with her, Toni-Dee will make visible and reclaim as beautiful our responses to that which is painful and exhausting. Doze offers the opportunity to hold our bodies as a site of healing.

Commissioned by Unlimited


Public Rest Declaration

On Friday 7 August, Toni-Dee will be performing between 9am-5pm in a re-imagining of Doze for the current times. 

This is a durational drop-in performance where the audience are invited to join Toni-Dee and dedicate a part of the "working day" to rest. 

If you are interested in being part of the audience, have a look at the audience invitation here and get in touch. 

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