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About Toni-Dee

Toni-Dee is a freelance theatre maker, writer, and performance artist.


Occasionally she is a workshop leader, facilitator and thinker-in-the-room collaborating with other artists. Her current body of work - made with ‘infectious warmth(Exeunt) - is a series of solo performances & installations exploring identity politics around otherness.

Since 2015 she has been commissioned by Fuel Theatre as part of The New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood project, been a contributing story group writer for climate change project Hello X, and presented work in national festivals such as Sick Festival, Queer Migrant Takeover, and Works Ahead.

Toni-Dee is currently working for Selina Thompson Ltd as Access Assistant and Artist Associate and making theatre with and for children as an associate of One Tenth Human.

Toni-Dee sits on the board of international festival Transform 

She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, studying (BA HONS) Contemporary Theatre and Performance in 2016.

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